African Proud

My  Dear friends, today ma can talk my small pidjin, very small oooh, probably rotten ooooh and mixed with English. I dey learn, no sabi much. To get to the point, countries de surprise me.

I say heinnn, weti be that story, people dey out of their country, and that only thing they know is country dey nonsense. I beg weti be that story in which  country is foolish, politicians dey all negative, corrupted, country de over reckless and you  living in the country that does not get it, I beg, you de traitor, ennemy of progress, surely rich and without any doubt not conscious of the real difficulties of the PEOPLE.

And yes, I beg please, why should these unique persons get back in our countries, to fall in our corruption?Indeed for them, nothing dey never good, and i beg surely their parents did not grow up here abi. And yes oooh, man de come tell me how i no de understand, how i de negative, fighting change.

But man needs to understand we  local dey also complain from times to times but at least we try bring change where we can and we recognize our brothers from far who do the same abi.

Seriously, positive dey better than negative ? We, in  AFRICA need POSITIVE SPIRITS. I beg, let us think more that WE should be the GAME CHANGERS rather than the ones to COMPLAIN. On that matter, Naija & Ghana dey bi beautiful examples.

In those countries, people put National Pride first and make sure to take the best, challenge themselves but still are positive.Wahala can be all over the place (religious tensions and high criminality in Naija for example), but it is personal. Times are tough but no one gives up. Image can be rotten but only God is their judge. Afropop & Azonto have  taken the control of Africa, and somehow of the worl, really somehow though (Man no dey insult me here that I am over-proud). Nollywood industry as well as the Ghanean industry of movies, are as good as others. We Africans now have our big soap opera (TINSEL), our series (Jacob’s Cross) and that’s  just a part of it.

Man no know,  just dey bi small pikin reflecting on our mindset and our barriers to growth, as Africans. Looking forward to your thoughts ooooohhh!!!



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