Découverte, programme musical, vidéo, radio, etc… Ici découvrez la musique de chez nous, comme on l’aime, comme elle nous inspire, chez nous c’est l’Afrique, le monde noir. Bienvenue sur la Planète Afrique.


Music Friday

Hello Peeps,

All is about music, life is about music. Here, I share Africa, and today especially I ill be sharing Cameroon.

Two artists, same music label (New-Bell Music)and two beautiful songs.



Tribute to Africa

Hello Peeps,

Its Monday, a bright new week is starting and I want to celebrate with you the continent for which I am writing on this space, AFRICA.



Mboko God, my Obsession

Mboko God, still looking for the exact definition of this Jewel, in fact this OVNI signed by an artist I really do appreciate, named JOVI and originated from Cameroon...

Music Jewels Vol 2

Hello Peeps,

I have told you lately that Africa was the cradle of humanity. One of its outstanding demonstration is definitely our music. Beautiful, distinctive, lively,...

La Vie Est Belle- Papa Wemba

La Vie Est Belle-Papa Wemba

Chers Bibliovores,
Tout d'abord, je vous prie d'accepter mes excuses pour le grand silence sur cet espace d'échanges au cours des derniers dix jours. Je vous reviens tout en beauté, avec un spécial...