Interviews with Jodelle- A stunning Discovery!

Hello Dear Readers,
It is a pleasure getting back here after a few days absence (which has broken my heart, getting addicted).
The great adventure of blogging has been really fantastic in the past months namely thanks to your support, comments or likes.
It has even been greater because it has helped me open up. The world is big and the researches I do to write my articles have enabled me to discover other great blogs and people. I will stop today to mention one of those!

Interviews with Jodelle" has got me soooo inspired (don't forget to click on the name of the blog to discover it).

The idea is simple. Jodelle, the main blogger, identifies great young africans (namely from Cameroon and Nigeria) and gets an interview with them. She opens them a window to share their achievements, passion, ambitions and more importantly INSPIRE US.
Reading her blog, gives me so much pride in Africa and the strength to take upon my dreams with no fear.

Thumbs Up to Joell and the great job she is achieving!!! And you, any great blog you would like to share? Feel free!

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