Cultiver le lien avec les autres- Martin Luther King-

I am a successful Man . I have money. I am respected. In the meantime, I got divorced three times, I have not seen my children since two years (though I pay for their spends) and I don’t get along so well with my siblings (they want too much of my money.). So yes, I have all the material things I need but I should admit that I am pretty much lonely.

This short scenario could be one for a successful movie where the rich man will then be trying to recreate links around him, drop his money in order to reconquer the love and respect from his dearest ones. Why should he bother? This is a question which we could ask ourselves. Why do we bother creating links with others? As per his saying, Martin Luther King suggests that true wealth should be measured against our capacity to create lasting and successful links with our environment. He had well observed in his time that material wealth was the most valuable considered into measuring one’s achievement.

Meanwhile, as per my introduction scenario and as per our personal experience as human beings, we tend to realize that what really matters in life is our ability to build strong and lasting relationships. No wonder why in several companies, future and actual leaders are evaluated on their ability to ensure business performance and as importantly are evaluated on the environment they are able to create among their team and to how inspiring of a leader they can be.

Therefore my dear peeps, I would be very interested to get our opinion on the above. How do you measure success? Material wealth or quality of relationships and social achievements of an individual? As for me, I believe my thoughts are self-explanatory… Looking forward to reading you!



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  1. For me, success is contentment. If I can look at my career, my relationships, my finances, my inner life and feel at peace and happiness, then I consider that success. This does not mean that my career has to be at the top of it’s game or that all my relationships are great,or that I have money to meet my needs or that my inner life is unperturbed. It just means I can look at them all and no matter where they are, I feel peaceful and happy.

    1. I like the idea and I buy it Fine Woman. Thanks for sharing with us. Kiss and Happy National Day!!

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