I am The King- Citation du Lundi

Hello Dear Readers,

We used to have a weekly rendez-vous called « La Citation du Lundi ». Principle was I would share a saying, and just do some divagations around it, all for your pleasure. It’s been months since I last fell into the trap. Somehow, this used to be an appreciated space. So let us just try to go back there and let me know in the comments, what you think about it? Ok?  (for the French Readers, there is Google Translate or, you can come back next week or read some of the past articles in this category).

Getting back to business, today, I thought I was a king (kings are full of strength). And if I was a king, there are many things I would like to do, because, based on the African saying below, when you have strength, you can just do anything you want, even when you are wrong (or especially when you are wrong)

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Therefore, if I was a king,  I would decide that every woman in the kingdom whatever her age and whatever her marital status is mine. Women would be puppets in my hands and I would make fun forever and ever.

If I was a king, I would act as the personal representative of God, taking advice from no one, deciding everything by myself and choosing alone who is right or wrong. To ensure, I chose you as right, you would need to give me some more money (yeah, I would never have enough).

If I was a king, I would represent strength and without any doubt, the weakest people in the country, the poor, the orphan, the widow, I would have no mercy on them. They would not be able to pay me anyway, so why should I care about their rights. They would just have to get out of my way and let me to expose my strength.

If I was a king, I would not care about the cries of my people, I would not care about the inequalities in the society. In the contrary, I would ensure they grew bigger. If not, how would I be able to grow my wealth if there was no rich man to corrupt me in order to steal poor ones and increase his own wealth.

If I was a king, money would be my other king. God would just be the friend that has to accept me whatever I do.

In fact, I don’t need to be a king. There are already countless kings in our consumerist society. There are already countless kings in our African continent. There are already countless of those people who believe money, power, status gives them the natural strength to oppress all those who have the nerves to face them. In our society, and in fact not only in Africa, there are people who even go to the extent to believe that they have the most powerful race, they are superior to other human beings and therefore, they do not need to care at all about the rights of the weak ones.

There are many of those kings and we tend to consciously or unconsciously accept them. Their strength is scary or attractive for the least. Yes, we are invaded with those kings and the saying has never been as right,  » le faible entre dans la brousse avec son bon droit ».

This was the Monday Saying, or in order terms « La Citation Du Lundi » back on your special space. Hope you enjoyed it. I will love to read your comments, and if you really did like it, don’t be selfish, spread the love.



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  1. Tu déranges hein ! You don’t know que ca pertube quand tu mélanges french and english ?

    1. looooool. Tu ne me dis pas alors ce que tu penses du texte yako

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