In Luv with CA$H from JOVI!!!!

Hello Peeps,

Happy Wednesday. I have often shared here my love for Cameroon Hip-Hop Sound and namely for one of his top artists (in my opinion) JOVI.

The guy demonstrates his talent in his last single entitled CA$H. It is a great mix of urban sound and local dance rythm « Bikutsi » quite appreciated here. Few months after the song, we can now watch an incredible video. Directed by local and talented director « February 16th » from his real name Bertrand Ndukong, the video is a MUST-SEE.

If you don’t end up liking it, please do let me know but I doubt this happens. One word: ENJOYYYY!

#team237 #massivelyproud



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  1. krkrkrkrkr ça donne hin

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