In Luv with CA$H from JOVI!!!!

Hello Peeps,

Happy Wednesday. I have often shared here my love for Cameroon Hip-Hop Sound and namely for one of his top artists (in my opinion) JOVI.

The guy demonstrates his talent in his last single entitled CA$H. It is a great mix of urban sound and local dance rythm “Bikutsi” quite appreciated here. Few months after the song, we can now watch an incredible video. Directed by local and talented director “February 16th” from his real name Bertrand Ndukong, the video is a MUST-SEE.

If you don’t end up liking it, please do let me know but I doubt this happens. One word: ENJOYYYY!

#team237 #massivelyproud



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  1. krkrkrkrkr ça donne hin

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