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Dear Readers, there we go with our first real post.

Aim: to share some love!

I will be writing about music. It is one of my greatest love. It is part of my life, a pillar. This sentence could sound excessive. For me, this is only the plain truth.

During the last weeks, I have been listening much of Cameroon urban music. Indeed, I am from Cameroon and from Douala, the economic capital, the party town. I had not yet taken time this part of our culture and I was happily surprised. Indeed, I discovered a diverse and vibrant world.Indeed, the music scene in Africa has always been very huge. From a decade to another, different countries and different tonalities can invade the world. Find below a few examples:

  1. South Africa-the original soundtrack of the movie TSOTSI is a crown jewel, a great introduction to South African Zulu hip-hop scene.
  2. Nigeria and its Afropop– few names are D’ Banj signed by Kanye West, P-Square signed by Konvikt Music A.K.A. AKon’s label, Ice Prince, Davido, Wizkid, Flavour, all broadcasted on MTV Base.
  3. Ghana– The Azonto movement with figures such as Fuse or May D, is taking over the planet.

In the meantime, with all eyes focused out of my homeland, I had not observed the growth on-going there. My encounter with our local hip-hop was quite unexpected. Indeed, my company sponsored two key hip-hop events in Cameroon in November and December 2012. During those events, I watched impressive stage performances, and was encouraged to buy albums. Furthermore, I discovered the existence of two local TV Channels dedicated to Local Urban music (MBOA TV & BOOM TV). Through them, I extended my knowledge. I have chosen to present three albums. These are the first ones but they will not be the last.


N°1: First and foremost, my man JOVI with his album H.I.V.,  a diamond of 13 songs.

 Why do I recommend him :

  1.   His beats are  a mix of true K-mer rythm and regular hip-hop which makes a complete original sound, a true signature.
  2. His wording-  the man speaks cameroonian pidjin english along with very good english. I like the sound of it, I love the unique flavour and that feeling that no one can replicate the beat.
  3. His message- the songs go through different subjects, all of interest for young people, in Cameroon or in Africa in general and somehow all around the world. Jovi is not just about nice beats for Dancefloor, he sends out some great messages and it is just a blast!!

My Top 3 Songs: Don 4 Kwat/ Man Pass Man/ Achombo House. Watch him below:

SissonghoMC-CoverN°2: SISSONGHO MC and their album MBOLO, 14 impressive tracks.

Why do I recommend the duo? :

  1. I am a real fan. Their rhythm as well is unique, and clearly different from day-to-day stuff. Meanwhile, as for Jovi, you don’t need to be from Cameroon to appreciate it.
  2. Here again, great words and an incredible mix between K-mer slang,local languages and French. You easily get drunk in love with  the songs, master the words and start singing them out loud. I still don’t know how they achieved this miracle. I am just impressed.

My Top 3 Songs: Je Bock (meaning I wear…)/ Les gens vont dire (People will tell)/ Just Fight.

Krotal-La B.O. De Nos Lifes.N°3: KROTAL and his latest opus LA B.O.De Nos Life, 19 Pure songs.

Why do I recommend him :

  1. Krotal is one of the oldest in our Hip-Hop Planet. He is nearly aged 40rs old today. Still, his sound is fresh, inquisitive and the beat is enjoyable.
  2. As most of the Cameroonian (K-MER) artists, words are strong (mix of French, local languages, english), profound and they really aim to send out some key messages to the younger ones along as engaging us to have fun and dance.
  3. Other bit, I really like in this album is the numerous featurings with new scene artists.

My Top 3 Songs: Nasengui/ Générations abandonnées/ Mirroir. There is one great dance floor song which I need to add:A Nous La Vie (fT Danielle Eog).

There you go. Some of these albums are available for purchase on I Tunes (Jovi- H.I.V.). Still, you can watch great videos on YOUTUBE. I have chosen some of them for YOU. Special mention to the work of Bertrand Ndukong A.K.A. February 16th. He is the big brother of JOVI and is a master of art. The videos are just great and stand as  full testimony to the crazy world of the artist.

As you can observe, K-mer Hip-Hop is rising. I strongly believe the talent is in. I strongly believe in the upcoming years, we will be able to shine all over the world just as South Africa, Nigeria (NAIJA) or Ghana. To support, I will keep on sharing my discoveries with you dear readers. Indeed, only the sum of individual initiatives and consistency, will support breakthrough. I will stop here.

Enjoy already, kindly share your feedback and spread the word!!



In Bonus:  MAGASCO [youtube]

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