Litterature, gift for all humanity- Ben Okri-

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Litterature is a Human Gift and this is Also what thinks one of my favorite authors Ben Okri. He literally says that « it has no other destination or destiny than to belong to all humanity »

In fact, I have read only one Book from him but it did change my life, giving more sense to my motives.

I truly believe this is what literature is all about. Giving us motives, acting as eye-opener, or just helping us to discover and understand better our world.

Take time to read dear friends. In our busy lives, we often put it to the next day. Being it a management article on LinkedIn, a post on your favorite blog, a real thrilling book, take this time to open up your minds. And if you are not a reading fan, you still have music, an infinite world with thousands possibilities, you have movies and you even have radio.

So no excuse, discover something new this week and come and share with us. Blessed Monday Peeps and Keep the smile.



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