Ossu By Sanzy Viany

OSSU, is the 3rd album of the creative and talented Cameroonian Singer called Sanzy Viany. I was blessed enough to discover this album through a live concert on Friday 17th October 2014 in Douala. I describe this beautiful experience on my new space La Case d’Anna.

Hereby, I will be focusing on the album itself. Indeed, after a terrific concert, you can only buy the corresponding album. I therefore bought my copy and got it signed by the artist herself (so pleased).

Ossu-Sanzy Viany

“Ossu” means “move forward” in the native language of the artist, ETON, a local Cameroonian language.

This album is a subtle mix of thirteen songs moving between Soul, Bossa Nova, R&B and traditional sounds. Sanzy Viany has a very distinct voice. Distinct as she can sing very high and few seconds after, adopt a suave, “silent” tone. This along with the different styles creates an absolute jewel that you have pleasure listening to.

She discusses simple and at the same time critical thematic: love, passion and praise to the Lord are some of them. She sings in Eton all through but this does not seem to affect the listener. Indeed, I have always wondered on this incredible ability for artists to pass through emotions just with their voices. You get to understand the general message or feeling, even when you know nothing about the words. In this aspect, I could mention Richard Bona, Lokua Kanza or The Corrs.

Choosing my favorite song was not an easy exercise as all of them are unforgettable. A special mention though to “Me Yen”, starting with smooth piano tunes (just like a Classic Music beat), followed by the soft voice of Sanzy and transformed a few seconds after in a heavy rhythm song which makes you feel like standing up and dancing (I love dancing). This song could be my N°1, especially as it displays one of the characteristics of Sanzy: mixing urban sounds with the local rhythm of her tribe (Bikutsi). It is also supported by a beautiful video which I invite you to watch and share..

Mixing urban rhythms and local sounds stood as her signature since her first album. But as often in an artist career, “Ossu” the 3rd album displays the maturity, which she has definitely gained. She describes it as a testimony to her beloved fiancé whom she lost one year ago when she was five months pregnant with their first child. She stood the storm and comes back to us beautiful, playful and profound. I invite you to search for her on YouTube and Soundcloud. As for the 3rd album, Cameroonian citizens can buy it at the French Cameroonian Institute in Douala & Yaoundé. As for people out of Cameroon, stay tuned. I will update this article as soon as I have more details.

In the meantime, enjoy this video of the main son “Ossu”. 

Did you know Sanzy, was this article helpful? Share your thoughts, they will be greatly appreciated.



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