Sauti Sol, My Kenyan Revelation

Hello Peeps,

I was revealed a few weeks ago, the Kenyan stars  SAUTI SOL thanks to my lovely Lil Sis, Miss Hopeful Deb. I am sharing with you « Sura Yako » (Your Face), 4th single of the 3rd album of this group of four. I Love the energy of the song, the love message (we all need a little bit of love sometimes) and the passion of the singers.

They are competing until 22nd of October for Best African Act in the 2014 MTV Europe Awards. If the videos inspire you as much as they did inspire me, then just click to offer your vote. 

I am hereby sharing three different videos:

N°1 The Official Video for the song, nice representation of a pre-wedding traditional ceremony in Kenya. Indeed, what most beautiful way to say to offer your eternal love than taking the official engagement of marriage (yes, I know it is not systematic, this is just my view)

N°2- The Lyrics Video. This is a nice Swahili song and I hope just like me you will have fun trying to read the lines. At least, I have kept part of the chorus : « Sura Yako, Muzuru Mama, Muzuru Mama, Muzuru Mama ».

N°3- The Tutorial Video- Oh Yes!!! What would be an exceptional song for me without an adapted choreography. Indeed, I love dancing so the two definitely go together in my own world. What about you?

By all means, have fun watching. We are currently getting closer to the week so I do wish you a blessed end of week.



PS: Who would I be without proper gifts, another single, in fact the first one I discovered through a Kenyan Mixtape (souvenir of my one week in Naïrobi, early July) but which I did not know was theirs. Name of the song « Still The One ». More soft, but just as enjoyable. They are real crooners!!

Big News, Update at the 24th October: They have won the Award mentioned above. So happy and proud!! Well Done SAUTI SOL!

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