Colonization: Yes or No-Ahmadou Kourouma

Hello My Dear Peeps,

It has been a long time since I last shared a saying, as I used to every Monday. The thematic of the month is a good occasion for that. Let us have a look at these words from Ivory coast writer Ahmadou Kourouma.

Words from Ahmadou Kourouma
Words from Ahmadou Kourouma

In thse saying, the writer suggests that you need to be grateful to the tree which has given you good fruits during the good season and therefore make sure to thank him. I saw a direct link with colonized countries and their mother countries. It is often said that Africans should recognize the positive impact of colonization, and the mutual benefits observed. Indeed, for many colonization has helped Africa & th other countries in the world which were concerned (e.g. India) to discover civilization. Civilization is hereby described as european civilization with writing, languages (French, English, portugueese), history (« Nos ancêtres les Gaulois ») and religion (christian religion).

In this positive description of civilization and colonization, no mention is often made of forced work, abandun of local traditions and languages, and common racism. In this positive description of civilization, mentions will also be made of the infrastructures created by the colons: hospitals, administrative buildings, roads, railways, etc. In this positive description of civilization, no mention is made of the price paid by Africa in men during the 1st and 2nd world war with very low recognition. In this positive description of civilization, the unwilligness of the colon to leave our continent is often not mentioned. In this positive description of civilization, the unbanlanced agreements signed by the newly independent countries to support cooperation are not denounced. In this positive description of civilization, all is good in the best of the worlds.

Truly, what has been the effect of colonization to our continent? Did we really need it? What would have been our future, our history if this had not happened? Sometimes, I wonder in sorrow. I don’t know the answer and I share my thoughts with you, dear readers. Colonization, yes or no?



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  1. les peuples se sont toujours affrontés de tout temps. Parler des effets positifs de la colonisation revient à nier le système éducatif, politique et la culture locale. Parler des effets positifs de la colonisation, c’est dire qu’on existait pas avant l’arrivée des européens. Parler des infrastructures qu’ils ont construites revient à valider une idée du développement qui octroie à l’occident une suprématie culturelle, politique, etc. Or, chaque peuple se développe selon son contexte. L’idée du développement n’est pas statique.Bon maintenant, nous avons été colonisés, il y a des infrastructures, pensons donc à nous reconstruire selon notre idée, etc

    1. Merci Muriel pour la participation. L’idée est vraiment de se poser nous-mêmes les bonnes questions. En effet comme tu l’as dit, nous étions peuples et civilisations avant l’avènement de la colonisation. La civilisation judéo-chrétienne nous a été imposée comme un dogme à valider. Aujourd’hui, nous avons l’opportunité de nous reconstruire et d’aller notamment à la recherche de ce patrimoine et de ces traditions ancestrales, pour réaffirmer notre identité unique.

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