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Hello Hello dearies,

Ten days ago, I was inviting my readers to join me in a discovery of hip-hop movement. This small journey was meant not to share knowledge but rather to share passion: my passion and perspective of Hip-Hop.

Indeed, on this website, we are meant to discuss books, history and MUSIC. As far as music is concerned, the choice had been made to promote « black descendance music » (this was just a reminder, in case you are stopping by for the first time. Don’t be shy!)

Getting back to the subject, in this first chapter of my journey of hip-hop, welcome to MY oldies. There are many and the ones I am mentioning are not so old by themselves, still a choice is a choice. Welcome to  A Tribe Called Quest and the special OUTKAST.

A Tribe Called Quest was born in 1985 with 3 members, a rapper, the well-known Q-Tip, an MC Phife Diggy and a DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad. There is a 4th guy too apparently but for more academic details, I just suggest you read the Wikipedia Page. A Tribe Called Quest for me is a history of my discovery of raw and old school hip-hop. I was a young teenager, living in France and with very few connections with my home country Cameroon. I had a cousin, intelligent, music and movie fan to the least and whose knowledge never seemed to end. So as his music library too. I was eager to hear, discover, integrate and I discovered « A Tribe Called Quest » amongst others. What I find so special about their sound and I feel its characteristic to the oldies is the samples and the lyrics. The guys had much to say. They had that easy flow, nothing agressive, very jazzie, jazzie and i did liked and i do like it simply. That is music that speaks to me. That is music that makes sense and that is music that I wish to share. One of the albums that I have kept up to now (several losses with different computers over the years) is the 4th album, 1996- « Beats, Rhymes and Life ». Oh yeah, the title already says it all. My favorite songs are N°1 Phonny Rappers and the last one of the album N°2 « Stressed Out »ft Faith Evans and her soulie voice with this little text: I really know how it feels to be, stressed out, stressed out, When you’re face to face with your adversity, I really know how it feels to be, stressed out, stressed out.

Did I say powerful lyrics? Talk is cheap, they say. Watch and hear with a click just below:

Phony Rappers

Stressed Out

And I also did mentioned another group, one of my favorite, my lovers, my everything, my stars, lol. They are named Outkast, they started their journey together in 1992 and what a journey. Outkast is André 3000 and Big Boi. They have real names for sure, but did I already mention I was not Wiki? Yes I did. I literally grew up with those guys and their hits: So Fresh and So Clean, Mrs Jackson. Mentioning their hits, cannot be done without mentioning AQUEMINI (1998), what I could classify as the tale of two geniuses or their 2nd album ATLIENS (1996). The specificity of OUTKAST to me is first and foremost (and you may have realized that I have a special interest to this) their Lyrics. Yes indeed, Hip-Hop to me is nothing without profound and well thought lyrics. The 2nd bit I do appreciate about Outkast is their psychedelic style. They are all about experimentation and since the beginning. The sounds, the beats, the phrasing of their rhymes, they stand for difference and a difference that is incredibly inspiring. They are crazy, daring, supa dupa creative and I say it again: I am a fan. Choosing songs to share is a tight game but I definitely need to choose some so there we go. Listen, enjoy and Have fun.

Da Art of Story Telling- Part 1 (from AQUEMINI)

Da Art of Story Telling-Part 2 (from AQUEMINI)

Elevators (Me & You)- (from ATLiens)

This is the end of my Tome 1 in this special journey of Hip-Hop. I hope you learnt or discovered something different about those artists which you may already know about. I hope you had fun reading and I definitely hope you will have fun sharing. Hip-Hop is magic. Let’s just ENJOY! Peace.



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  1. A Tribe Called Quest and Outkast… I’m not really surprise about Outkast… It looks more you, but A Tribe Called Quest?!!!!
    So you’re totally right with the group style. But I learned something… Q tip is coming from this crew?!! OMG! Anyway, you girls, always know all the guys of boyz band. So coming back to music, i prefer their first album: People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of the Rythms (yeah, those guyz really like longs album titles… I don’t know why). So look for « Bonita Applebum » if you can, i’m sure you will recognize a part of « Killing me softly » of Fugees (that i will probably read one day here)!
    Outkast, one of the most original group ever! My favourite album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below of course!!! Yes i know, i like stranges names! « The way you move », « Roses », « Hey ya »… 🙂
    Damn! Sorry for the long comment! English is not easy! lol

    1. will look for the Song you mentioned. As for Outkast, yeah the album you mentioned is definitely one of my besties too. Many risks taken there but for me it seemed like a natural road. AQUEMINI, just something.
      Thanks for keeping your promise and stay close, the journey has only started. You can always have some surprises lol.

  2. Hi gal !
    How old are you ? Not surprise to see outkast on this casting… for the 1st one I have to confess that never heard before…

    1. lool, u are funny? I am happy you made a discovery. Stay ready for the first ones.

  3. […] sharing, my chapter 1 (Hip-Hop, My Oldies), I will present some incredible guys, not so old, not so young but without any doubt, part of the […]

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