How To End A precious Week: Music!!!!!

Hello Peeps,

I told you May would be a very light month. So many subjects of the stress can be observed in the world right now and especially in Africa. The kidnapping of our sisters in Nigeria is still a great subject of concern (#bringbackourgirls) while in Central African Republic, a young journalist of 26 years old lost her life while trying to do her job. Meanwhile, I want to share more happiness around this space today. Therefore I will try a nice game: identifying my Top 5 Artists. As we are all about Africa here, I will reduce this list to my Top 5 African Artists. Here We Go..!.

N°1 In The list, my childhood Friend: Meiway. He is from Ivory Coast. He has created a rhythm called Zoblazo and he has managed to keep it alive since the early nineties up to now. I love the rhythm, I love the themes (love, party, social issues), I love the frequency of his albums (every two years at least) and I practice his dance moves. If you believe Africa is all about rhythms and fun, u will be delighted by  this joyful artist. Click HERE to discover one of my favorite songs.

N°2: Youssou N’Dour. He is Senegaleese. King of the local music Mbalax, he has exported the rhythm all around the world. He has made it urban, diversified while keeping its traditional originality. With more than 30 albums, he is a solid star. I would mostly recommend « Ndobine-Live at Bercy » (2005), a jewel to have in your library. Youssou N’dour is not only a brilliant artist. He is also a competent business man, a man of politics (former minister of « Tourism  & Leisure » in his home country Senegal) engaged in several humanitarian causes and a happy father of ten. Per definition, Mbalax is groovy, melodious and with Youssou N’dour, you will become Fan. Have a look below and appreciate by yourself.

N°3: Mr. Richard Bona. Describing Mr. Bona in this post, could get it to be too long. As I have already mentioned on the « Biblio »,  I am in love with him & his music. He re-defines Jazz, Makossa, Douala language and the mix of the three delivers sounds that seem to fall from heaven. And of top of this, he is the first cameroonian in my list (lol). Thumbs Up for my hometown. Click HERE for my official love letter and some videos to watch.

N°4: Femi not Fela but FEMI Kuti. I was too young to listen to Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Meanwhile, I finally did and this was thanks to Femi Kuti. He is the respectful heir of his father and one the big voices of Afrobeat in the contemporary music scene. Thanks to him, I discovered this uplifting rhythm. I find it uplifting because it enhances your mood, it makes you feel a better person (I am serious about this). I have always dreamed about being a protestant, having the nerves and guts to go on the streets to fight for your rights. I am not yet sure I have that courage but each time I listen to the words of Femi Kuti and the powerful beat of his songs, I get the feeling that I am ready. He is definitely the respectful heir of the Black President described HERE Just watch the video below and tell me if you don’t feel the same.

N°5: Sally Nyolo (yes a woman, I am not sexist), a fine woman from the ETON Tribe in Cameroon. You may have observed or not while wandering on this site but I am a very proud Cameroonian. I love Africa but I love my Cameroon even more. Sally Nyolo is one of those artists that even transform me in a boastful person. She is pure, unique, intelligent and i am a complete fan. She sings in Eton, French, English and uses the most traditional beats of the « Bikutsi » music. Bikutsi just as Makossa is one of the emblematic music genres from Cameroon just as Mbalax is to Senegal. Sally Nyolo transforms this rhythm in a way which makes everyone ready to discover it. She sings just as a traditional storyteller. Her stories are full of poetry, love and hope.  Listen  below to one of her most emblematic songs « Tam-Tam ». I can sing it by heart and I am sure you will soon do the same, despite the barrier of the language.


So Peeps, my small game is ended. Picking my Top 5 African artists was not so easy and in fact, I would say this is just indicative.

In the meantime, enjoy your Saturday night, have fun, play safe! Much Love.


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