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All is about music, life is about music. Here, I share Africa, and today especially I ill be sharing Cameroon.

Two artists, same music label (New-Bell Music)and two beautiful songs.

First one is “Dashiki” by Miss Reniss. I love the production and the video, though I am a little bit dissapointed by the lyrics. Indeed, even though I do appreciate love songs, I believe Reniss has proposed us more in the past, and I would like to see her talking about some other topics. Still, she is an artist and free of her choices. I hope in the next songs though, she ill explore further subjects. In the meantime, appreciate this beautiful imaginary love song beteen Reniss and the guy wearing “Dashiki”, this now famous loin cloth from est Africa.

The second song is from the rapper Pascal, featuring a young singer called Lor. The song entitled “Manka’a” talks about a rocky relationship: a loving and harwdorking guy on one side, and a woman, focused on having fun and money, a “panther” in the Cameroonian jargon. Though, I am not alays of omen been portayed negatively in an environment where they already suffer so much, I have to admit the narrative of the song is inspiring, as well as the beat.

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