Music Jewels Vol 2

Hello Peeps,

I have told you lately that Africa was the cradle of humanity. One of its outstanding demonstration is definitely our music. Beautiful, distinctive, lively, lovely, engaged…..Music in Africa just makes you proud every single day.

After the first volumes of my music Jewels, I am hereby sharing some of my latest and loving discoveries. My heart is deeply linked to Cameroon (my home country) these days, therefore, the discoveries will be this time again 100% Cameroonian. And for once, it will be all about videos (the music is better enjoyed).

1. Denise Naafa ft Sanzy Viany- Black Woman

As per the title, this is a hymn to our Black Women, their strength, their beauty. The two singers themselves already display all the attitude. Denise Naafa is a young student of the Diplomacy school in Cameroon and a recognised music talent. Sanzy Viany (already presented here) is a woman, a lady, in all the senses of this word.Their suaves and enchanting voices, their natural style and the warm colors of the video, feel me with this kind of joy that can only be shared.

2. Gasha ft Eddy Kenzo- CHILL

The title of the song speaks for itself and the music video too. I appreciate the collaboration between Cameroon (the beautiful Gasha) and Uganda (the talent Eddy Kenzo, the guy behind the 2014 Hit « Sitya Loss »). It is a song for party, as long as a song for a chill with friends on a Friday Evening. Lively, colorful (yes, we do love colours in Africa). Watch for yourself.

I have added a nicie nicie video, with perfect dance moves (I love dancing, and you?) on this song

3. Jovi ft RCHL- Black Vulture

Jovi, Jovi, my Cameroonian Kanye West, my N°1 Luv in Rap Music (in CMR of course), my incredible beat maker, this guy which I am sure will leave us a legacy if he keeps up the quality work, and stays away from the unnecessary noise of celebrity. This artist was mentioned  countless times on this blog, especially in the first volume of my music Jewels. Black Vulture is first and foremost this risky choice of association of a renowned Nigerian worship song (yes, Gospel and Rap) in the beat. It is a black and white video, clean, which reminds me of Outkast at the beginnings (ATLIENS) or other rap groups like A Tribe Called Quest or The Pharcyde. This time around the perfectly bilingual rapper adds more French, in fact French Cameroonian slang to his text. Ok, let us keep it short, straight to the video…

I hope you will enjoy, I hope you love discovering my Africa, my Cameroon, my world, just as much as I do like it. I hope the enthusiasm is there. Stay tuned for more and blessed beginning of week.

PS: for Vol.3, we will definitely move to another country, to different discoveries. I don’t want to get you bored?



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  1. Get us bored?? NO WAY !

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