Rainy Season

Hello My Dear Peeps,

Today, let me share  a nice memory of my childhood. In Cameroon, my home country, we are blessed with two key seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. They shape lives and behaviors and have each their specficities. 

In my memory, Dry Season has always been associated with Christmas (not snow ☺), family special moments, gifts and love. On the other side, the Rainy season is always a nice specimen. Its beginning is along holiday period (not the sunny days of summer ☺). It’s symbol of accomplishment, time for harvest and therefore it can have a positive figure. I remember the mango tree in our courtyard. My cousin and I running to have the best mangoes. The thunder, the wind, followed by the rain so hard, our laughters, our auntie yelling on us to get back home immediately. Happy, simple moments. I also remember lately the floods that left several families homeless, consecutive to the storm.

The rainy season and its symbol, the storm, have many faces, where I come from and some years ago, this reality inspired me a piece of poetry. Take a few minutes and join me.

C’était l’orage

Comment comprendre qu’une simple goutte

Et la brise du vent puisse

Donner naissance à un orage.

Brusquement, le ciel s’assombrit

La terre se couvrit

Et les hommes furent ensevelis.

Le vent souffla

Le tonnerre gronda

L’orage éclata.

Les enfants joyeux riaient

Les hommes pressés râlaient

Les parents énervés criaient

Les feuilles tombaient

Les branches se cassaient

Les arbres se déracinaient

Les champs se taisaient

Le sol se vidait

Les fleurs fanées revivaient.

Les toits s’envolaient

Les objets se cassaient

Les murs tremblaient

C’était l’orage. /-


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