South African Dope MixTape

Dear Friends,
I am just ending a trip in Kenya, a great occasion for me to discover great and enchanting music.
East Africa has lots to share, an energy, a sound and so much talent. We will start the discovery with a South African Mixtape by Dj Calixx. 49 minutes of perfect happiness. It features some hit songs from 2014. Sadly, I don’t yet know the names of the songs and artists (except from the well-known Mafikizolo) but will do some researches and update you in due time. In the meantime, enjoy and share with a click on the link below!!!! (Courtesy of TayoTV).

House Mix


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  1. Finishing a trip im Kenya? Come on! Don’t leave that fast before we meet!! Can we talk? 😉

    1. Loool Went there for work. Finished already

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