Appolo 95- Meiway-

Hello Peeps,

For this 2nd post on the theme « Throw Back Tuesday », I will rather share some music. Meiway, prolific singer originated from Ivory Coast is one of my favorite artists in the whole world. He is one which makes me feel that we are immensely gifted in Africa !I first heard his debut song 200% Zoblazo when I was five years old. I developed a powerful choreography on that song at the time and as a truth each time I hear the beat, those moves from my childhood just come back instantly and it feels to my audience like I am a so inspired dancer (this is the outcome of years of practice).

So indeed, you may have realized it with the above paragraph, I love dancing. I can dance anywhere, anytime, I never care about the audience, I just do it, and Meiway’s music, his perfect videos and nice looking dancers have always inspired me into this passion.

Dance & Meiway are also two of the passions I share with my brother Luco, suffering from autism. It links us, and has always helped me enter his world (you can learn more about my brother and his favourite Meiway’ s song here). I am hereby sharing one of my favorite songs from Meiway issued from his 4th album (one of so many), Appolo 95 out in 1995. The song is the leading song of the album. The music style can be related to the Zouglou movement (will talk about it very soon in another post), one of the leading music movement in Ivory Coast during the 90’s.  It’s quite old music (nearly ten years) but it still feels great to me. This is the power of music,this is part of my true african heritage .  Discover the song, discover the artist and enjoy the ride!!!



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