Vague à l’âme au Botswana- Alexander Mccall Smith

Hello Peeps,

Join me to introduce on this website Mma Ramotswe, a fine lady from Botswana. Mma Ramotswe is a detective. Indeed, you read it:  a woman detective in Botswana. She is not from the police. She is a private detective, owner of the first female detective agency in Botswana, in Gaborone, the capital city. Her specific skills: an outstanding intuition (just like Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot), her willingness to solve her cases, and her wonderful assistant (just like Dr.Hastings for Hercule Poirot), Mma Makutsi. She is the best fit to solve all issues, especially this last case she is handling out of town: a complicated affair within one of the government’s member ‘s family. In the meantime, her wonderful assistant is acting as officer in chief for the agency along with director of a garage and will therefore have her own plate to manage.

« Morality for Beautiful Girls » titled in French « Vague à l’âme au Botswana » , is an incredibly well written book from the « Mma Ramotswe’s series, in fact N°3 in order, published in France in 2007. The detective agency manages all kinds of issues, always keeping the fun and this « auntie » way of handling situations. Just like an old auntie, people confide in Mma Ramotswe with all their deadly secrets and she gets them to tell the truth without even realizing it. So this is basically the winning recipe for Mr. Alexander Mccall Smith, author of the series: laughter, simplicity, intuition and life lessons. Reading his book is like taking a few days off to Botswana and discover this very easy-going culture, and a very friendly heroin.

Mme Ramotswe's series,
Mme Ramotswe’s series, French Editions covers- Alexander Mccall Smith.

The series have been so successful that they have been adapted by BBC in 2011, for a tv show, with singer Jill Scott (one of my favorite Nu Soul Artist) taking the lead role of Mma Ramotswe. I dearly invite you to pick out any book from the series and join us in this enchanting world.

I need to mention that as a polar fan, I discovered the series with great delight as my first African based detective book and African detective heroin. Thanks Mr. Mccall Smith for the powerful invention!



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