Mandela Day Celebration

Today, 18th of July 2014, we are commemorating all around the world the birth of MADIBA a.k.a Nelson Mandela. Our father passed away in December 2013 and the international community has decided to align on a special day to celebrate his deeds. This makes me feel extremely happy. Indeed, Mandela sacrificed much in the fight for GOOD. He is a symbol that when you do things with the right intent and for the well-being of the greater number, you always get the benefits, in this life or the other.

Madiba throughout his life has given us lessons of humilty, courage and wisdom. On this special day, we invite you to discover or re-discover all the articles in this Library which are dedicated to the big man. Just click on  the picture below

Nelson Mandela
Quote from Mandela

Happy Mandela Day my sweet readers.



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