Nkosi Sikeleli Afrika- South Africa United

My Peeps,

620d4edd0af24decd29a2c353f9fc2efWe said this morning « Apartheid » would be the theme. As an additional tribute to Stephen Bantu Biko and to the other warriors (Mandela), I am sharing the true song of freedom. « Nkosi Sikekel’i Africa » (God Save Africa), was originally a religious song. Meanwhile, all around Austral Africa, it became a liberation song and adopted as national anthem in several countries amongst which Namibia, Zambia or South Africa.

This song makes me PROUD! I am hereby sharing two videos of the song.

  • A unique stage version with Myriam Makeba, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Paul Simon, some legend artists recognized out of South Africa Boundaries.
  • Version extracted from the credits of the fantastic movie « Cry For Freedom » (1987) dedicated to the life of Stephen Bantu Biko and based on the biography written by his friend the South African journalist Donald Woods.

Sing with me and remember (and amazing evening to all!)



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